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Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Midwifery offers a variety of antenatal and postnatal care options to women in and around south east Melbourne, with rebates available for most Australian citizens and residents.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact Sam directly to find out how she can support your needs.

Why should I choose Sage Midwifery?

Choosing your primary care provider for pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond is an important decision. Primary care with Sage Midwifery means you get to know and trust Sam, and have your wishes heard and understood in a supportive environment. 

Sam can support you throughout your childbirth journey by offering:

• One to one continuity of care with a known qualified provider, allowing you to feel safe, supported, secure and confident at every step.

• Years of experience caring for women and their families in the community as a primary midwife, and supporting women through birth at hospital, home and birth centre locations.

• Postpartum care and breastfeeding support for up to six weeks after birth.

• Availability for questions and support during office hours, and on-call 24 hours for labour and birth support.

• Covid-Safe practices for increased health and safety.

• Medicare and private health rebates may be available.

What if I things don’t go to plan in my pregnancy?

Each antenatal appointment is an opportunity to ensure everything is progressing as expected. If problems arise, Sam will discuss a care pathway with you, which may involve a discussion, a consult or referral to our collaborating Obstetrician. Sam will be available for any questions you have and support you every step of the way.

Can you assist me with a waterbirth?

Yes! Sam has been attending waterbirths since 2003 and has seen the amazingly positive experiences that women have with the freedom of movement, warmth and weightlessness afforded by water immersion. 

At home, Sam can support you with a waterbirth in your own bath or a hired birthing pool. If you are choosing a hospital birth, the option of a waterbirth may be unavailable. However, using a shower on your lower back or on your ‘bump’ can also help with endorphin release and be very relaxing.

How often will I see you during my pregnancy and after I've given birth?

Sam takes only a small number of clients at any one time, ensuring she can give each client the care and attention they require. That means you’ll receive the standard number of recommended appointments, but can choose to have extra appointments to see Sam more often if you wish.

Sam’s flexible schedule usually includes monthly visits until 28/30 weeks, then fortnightly visits until birth. Each visit generally lasts around 1-1.5 hours to give you time to get to know Sam, discuss your options and feel at ease. As time goes on, these visits allow us to build a trusting relationship and understand how to best support you during and after birth.

Once your baby has arrived, Sam will initially visit daily, then less frequently depending on your needs, tailing off to weekly visits before discharge at six weeks.

Fees and payment information

Fees for appointments are to be paid at each visit. If you’re an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates on your home antenatal and postnatal appointments. Find out more about fees and rebates.

Current Medicare rebates as of July 2023 are:
Antenatal  $49.75
Care Plan/Birth Plan $296
Postnatal $73.10

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Sage Midwifery offers a variety of care options to suit your needs. 

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Personal midwife services

Sage Midwifery offers personalised home-based antenatal care, home birth and hospital birth support, as well as home-based postnatal care until your baby is six weeks old. Get the support that’s right for you with our tailored midwife packages.