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Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Midwifery offers a variety of care package options to suit your needs and wants, and will be explored further, at a Bulk Billed, no obligation booking visit.

Explore our Frequently asked Questions below and direct any either enquiries to Sam here.

Why should I choose Sage Midwifery?

Choosing who to provide your care from pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond, is quite an important decision for you to make. Primary care with Sage Midwifery means that you get to know & trust Sam. The elements that support a woman through natural childbirth include:
• One to one continuity of care with a known care provider: Feeling safe, supported, secure and confident with your care provider.
• Sam has lots of experience caring for women & their families in the community as a primary midwife, and supporting women through birth at hospital, home and birth centre locations.

What if I things don’t go to plan in my pregnancy?

Each antenatal appointment is an opportunity to ensure everything is progressing as expected & normally. If problems arise, Sam will discuss with you a care pathway, which may involve a discussion, a consult or referral to our collaborating Obstetrician.

I would like a waterbirth.

Sam has attended many waterbirths since 2003, and has seen the positive experiences that women have with freedom of movement, warmth and weightlessness afforded by water immersion. At home you can use your own bath or hire a birthing pool.
If you are choosing a hospital birth, not all offer the option of a waterbirth. However, using a shower on your lower back or on your ‘bump’ can also help with endorphin release, & be very relaxing.

How often will I need to see you in my pregnancy, and after I've given birth?

Sam has a schedule of visits, which can be very flexible. Sam can see you more if you need it and less if you don’t want to be seen so often. Sam usually visits monthly until 28/30 weeks, every 2 weeks till 38 weeks, then until you have your baby. The visits generally last about 1 – 1.5 hours, and give us time to get to know you. This makes it easier to know how best to support you at the birth and after.

Once your baby has arrived, Sam will visit daily initially and then less frequently, again depending on your needs, tailing off to weekly visits before discharge at 6 weeks.

Fees & payment information

Most Australians will get medicare rebates on Antenatal and postnatal appointments. Fees for appointments are to be paid at each visit. Please reach out to Sam to discuss your needs and options.
You can find more information about fees here.

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Sage Midwifery offers Personalised home based antenatal care, homebirth,
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